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Hello my name is Lilly Akuma(this is my oc's name)
I have likes (like Anime)
I have dislikes (like a certin duck-ass(Naruto refrence))
I have hobbies
And I have a dream for the future

And that was my Naruto Style Introduction hope ya like it!!!!

Sneaky-Villethe bartender tells the man. later in the boneyard, he meets up with a cloaked figure, this figure is an assassin, us, wearing a mask to conceal our gender, we are hired to kill a rich man for a large amount of money. he explains that that the reason he hired because of our special ability, manipulating shadows and turning into one to be able to hide ourselves and get around both without being detected and faster. we get on with the job after he hands the money over.

sorry if its a bit too much, i dont know how far to go with these
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