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    i really like this book i actually have a best freind named hannah but she is faster than me the fast part i got from the book ''number the stars''
    when will it end
    when will it end
    hannah and em get sucked in a portal to africa and has to help get a family back together again
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    i really like this cover!!
    The Forever Song Cover 2
    The Forever Song...
    Okay, so courtesy of C.H Potter, I now know you have to put your cover entries on DIFFERENT movellas. Whoooops. So, you've probably already seen this, but here's my second entry
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    mumbled "the vampire night"

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    i am not a normal girl my name is ashley i have a big secret about myself i am a vampire i never told anybody not even my best freind i am scared everyone in my school thinks vampires are dumb or not real or they are scared of them i know it is so dumb but true i also know you dont believe me so i will tell you the story of how it happened my mother known as braillyn was young it was a halloween night she was going out for trick or treating with her freinds they had the same secret to they were vampires i can compare them to me that they didnt want to tell nobody not even their best freind my mom their dad at the time didnt like my mom so he snuck out of the house at 8 on halloween and he bit her she dropped down to the floor he turned into a bat and flew away it is a very sad story but here is my dads story how he became a vampire his little brother manny was born on halloween night the same night my mom was bit manny was picked but my dad walter volunteered so manny won't get killed and he got bit in the war walter and baillyn married each other and i was born vampire is in my blood now just remember im a vampire and this is a secret shhh
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    this was susposed to be a story my bad but hope you still enjoy it
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