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hello c: my name is abbi, and i am 16 years old. i love to write, its all i am good at. i love playing the guitar and piano, and i love to watch my fish swim. i am different, like each of my stories.

ps, i swear alot, oops.

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    hey guys, added a new chapter to confessions of an awkward person as a sort of late presents to my now 4 fans, i lost one, ow:( but oh well, i hope you all had a lovely christmas, and santa came and brought you brilliant presents! byeeeeeee:D
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    mumbled "omg long lime no write"

    awh i havent been on here in agessssss! been so busy with school work its unreal:( so much stuff has happened since i wrote last, it would take me forever to tell you, but i am now 1 million times happier, sadder and different! i am on half term now, so hopefully new chapters, stories and blog enteries will be up soon! i know i have five fans, but oh well hehe!
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    this is amazing! so so hope you win, you totally deserve it:')xxx
    Will you?
    Will you?
    This is for the legacy competition. It has a deep message and a challenge I hope you will accept! Enjoy :-D PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE CHAPTERS! :)
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    mumbled "i couldn't be happier"

    wow, i am so happy right now! i just got my new hunger games dvd YAY c: and tomorrow my room is going to be finished because we have been decorating it, i am also getting new fishes tomorrow, and wednesday i am finally starting sixth form, eeeeeeek!
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