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Hey guys ^.^

I'm 15 and live in Australia. William Shakespeare is my 16th Uncle, such an inspiration to all authors and poets. I enjoy acting, getting up on stage in front of everyone and performing at the best of my ability. In my spare time, whenever I'm not hanging out with friends, I write.
My Sister is- Tayko_Lupus
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    mumbled "BOOKSHELF UPDATE!"

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    Hey ^.^
    Does anyone know any good novels i can go and buy? On my bookshelf i have only 102 books and need to restock, I need to go out and buy new books in a few weeks!! My main genre to read is fantasy/romance YA Novels. Any suggestions??
    Thanks :* xo
    2 years ago
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    Try the Percy Jackson series and the heroes of Olympus because they are amazing! I've only just started heroes of Olympus but I finished Percy Jackson and they're great. I would really recommend them
    2 years ago
    thanks :) ill check them out!
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    Oi sis, I'm uploading the start of chapter one of my story, the first chapter is not finished yet, but be sure to get a head start on the story. Yes, I know it needs editing, heaps of it too :)
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    This is a really good start to the story :) it's very interesting and I'm intrigued. I just honestly feel like the characters need to be expressed more. Like for example- when she finds out her mum is a guardian, she should be shocked and questioning the facts and lies of her life. Hope this has helped :3 I'm looking forward for the next chapter :P xx
    Ilana-Mae Foxfang
    Thank you. I will take this into account. I have added more emotion in the second chapter so hopefully it will have improved! ^_^
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