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  • Teresa

    mumbled "Please help"

    2 years agoReply
    So I understand writing my personal issues on the internet isn't really going to help but I have no one else to talk to so I guess I'm going to right them.

    So my dads family from Mexico came to visit and it was my auntie and my other 3 cousins that are all around my age and well everyone was really excited for them to come and visit and they are staying at our house and they got here and it was all great everything was all good and on the second day they were here my dad was going to go to the store and he said we all had to go (me, cousins and brother) so we went and the moment we stepped in the store they started asking for so much stuff that if I ask for my dad couldn't afford but when they ask my dad is all of a sudden a millionare and I asked for one notebook for school cause we were going to have job orientation in a week and I wanted to take notes but apparently they were to expensive

    Then, over the weekend we went camping and I've been going camping since i was 3 months old and we would always go with my uncle who lives here and when they go camping my dad doesn't bother to do anything he doesn't cook he doesn't clean but with my auntie HE has to cook HE has to clean and that didn't really bother me it was just so weird to see him like that and out of all the 4 days there my dad NEVER spoke a word to me he would only speak to his family

    And we have a dog he's a shar-pei and he's 1 1/2 and he stayed a midget so didn't really grow my my cousin was taking my dog for a walk and there was a river and a lake and while my cousin was taking my dog for a walk I was sitting at the fire facing the lake and all of a sudden I hear a splash and my dog trying to swim and the lake was pretty deep for my dog and he didn't know how to swim so I bolt out of my chair practically run over the fire and go into the lake to get my dog and it was cloudy and cold and since shar-peis have sensitive and wrinkled skin if they stay wet for to long they get really sick and when u get my dog out of the lake I yell some nasty stuff to my cousin and I get in trouble and I got my phone taken away but dad so bad at hiding stuff he hid my phone in my seat of our truck

    And when we got back from camping yesterday idk how but I had the guts to tell my dad of how he's been treating me and we got into a big fight about how he thinks im jelous and I'm trying to separate him from his family and yes maybe I'm jelous but how am I supposed to react when all of a sudden someone else come and changes my dad

    But right now I just need some one to talk to

    2 years ago
    That is so awful. You were totally right in that situation. He shouldn't be treating them better than you it should be equality between you all. I am so sorry. If you have a mom maybe you could talk to her about how it's making you feel? Or a trusted relative? If you wanna talk to me my kik is theonlyemogoddess.
  • Teresa

    mumbled "Charlie Puth"

    2 years agoReply
    Idk if im the only one who is obsessing over Charlie Puth I remember watching his YouTube videos before he deleted them. The memories im so proud of him he's come so far my favorite song of him is look at me now and suffer ������������
  • Teresa

    mumbled "Co-author "

    2 years agoReply
    So I just want watched the longest ride and I really want to right a story based on it but not alone cause if u have ready any of my other story's u know I suck bad at right story's so if anyone would help me right a story I would very much appreciate it ��������☺️
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