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Howdi, I'm an Editorial Ambassador for Movellas so expect some REAL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Leave me a message on my mumbles if you have anything specific you want me to read!

  • Salamasunny
    10 months agoReply
    Just thought I'd let you know I'm hosting a Short-story/Poetry competition, where the winner will receive free books and feedback on all their movellas! Why not check it out?
    Short-Story/ Poetry Contest!Hello! As part of my college's IB Programme, I am required to conduct a project. I have decided to host a writing competition. The winners of this competi...

  • Mirlotta
    11 months agoReply
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    Best movella overall: Hollow People by @[Salamasunny] and Unexpected by @[River_Summers ☕️]
    Best Fanfiction movella: Unexpected by @[River_Summers ☕️] , The Ultimate Hunger Games by @[MahoganyPumpkin™] and Coming Home by @[B.E Richards]
    Best profile picture: @[C.H. Potter]
    Best username: @[Discombobulated Doughnut ]
    Best cover maker: @[Maggi Styles ♡] and @[C.H. Potter] and @[CorkyPorkyღ ]
    Best TFIOS: Against Affliction by @[Lily Anna Nightshade]
    Best ambassador movellian: @[CorkyPorkyღ ]
    Best movellian overall: @[River_Summers ☕️]
    Best Harry Potter movella - As it began by @[Prodigy]
    Kindest movellian - @[Lia.] , @[Raven711] , @[Hopeless Wanderer] , @[Lily Anna Nightshade] , @[ Ahlaam Nightshade]
    Best fantasy: Evelyn's Revenge by @[HeartTaunter] , Switching Sides by @Charred-Within and @[Evelana Sparrow]
    Funniest movella: How to kill one direction and other dastardly plots by @[Inkball :D]
    Best sci fi: Seventeen seconds, Rite to life by @[SlenderMan_]
    Most likely to be ambassador: @[Zoe Shadownight] , @[ Ahlaam Nightshade] , @[Raven711] , @[Rodrigo.R.R Goldlight] , @[River_Summers ☕️]
    Funniest movellian: @[Prodigy] and @[Inkball :D]
    The Movelly Awards
    The Movelly Awards
    *drumroll* Welcome to the 1st Movelly Awards 2014!!!!! Nominate someone below for each category and awesome prizes up for grabs! See chapters for details!
    11 months ago
    Thank you! :) too kind x
    11 months ago
    Aw, thank you so much!!
    I've put em up!

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