Howdi, I'm an Editorial Ambassador for Movellas so expect some REAL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Leave me a message on my mumbles if you have anything specific you want me to read!

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  • Rite to Life

    Rite to Life

    18 Feb 13

    -THIS IS A DYSTOPIAN- In a future, yet illusive world, society is divided into three factions. No one ever speaks of Faction...    Read more

  • Whisperers


    3 Oct 13

    -I have chosen to display water in a different way, linking it to supernatural entities and Greek mythology- KEY: SELENE...    Read more

  • Bittersweet


    23 Sep 13

    So we're probably all fed up of all the Twilight-esque vampire stories, so here is my take on the vamp myth. Enjoy :3 -Written...    Read more

  • Painted Faces

    Painted Faces

    7 Jul 13

    Entry into the Inspired by a Song competition. I've chosen to base my story on the lyrics of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon....    Read more

  • My Immortal

    My Immortal

    16 Apr 13

    It is the anniversary of the death of Shane's girlfriend; he and Lacey go to visit her at her grave. Sorry, I cannot provide...    Read more

  • SlenderMan_

    Editorial Ambassador! :3

    Hey Movellians!
    Post a link and I will give you some juicy constructive criticism! If you've seen any of my comments on the movellas on the link below, you'll see how much depth I go into!<3
    Could u have a look at my movella 'heaven-sent' and if you want he sequel 'heaven-fall' constructive criticism welomed:-) :-) :-) soz don't know how to do links.
    Ariadne WightAmbass..
    Hey, um, I know I haven't written much of it yet, but could you take a look at my newest story idea, "Ace of Blood?" Its kind of hard to actually define to a genre, at least for me, because it is kind of a romance, but at the same time it is adventure, and coming-of-age, and suspense, so it's a little bit of a lot of things.
    Ace of BloodAlice has found a new kind of wonderland. Jamie Cunning is just an ordinary girl. Sort of. Bearing the scars of a thousand painful memories, old an new,...
    E.K.G Hardy Duran14
    Hi! Could you please read my Movella. It's far from being done but I'd like to know what someone who's not a fan of To Be One or WWE thinks. Thank you for reading this comment at least. :)

    Price I Pay to Dance In The Fire...PIPDITF is based in 2016: Kyle LevesqueDurant better known as WWE Superstar Gigi Helmsley daughter of WWE Superstar Triple H is asked to be in To Be One's...
    could you take a peak at some of mine?
  • SlenderMan_

    Editorial Ambassador! :3

    Hey guys, I'm here to help! Want some REAL constructive criticism? Leave me a link!<3
    J.K. PanesarAmbass..
    Could you please read my movella? I need some CC on it so I can improve. Thank you So much. x
    Trishna"Haven’t you ever felt like there has to be more? Like there’s more out there somewhere, just beyond your grasp, if you could only get to it?" - Rajkumar...
    Could you please read my movella, 'You could always ask Cecile.' I'd love some detailed CC! Thanks :)
    Sure thing guys! :D
    Would you mind checking out one of my fanfictions? Even if you don't particularly like the genre 'fanfiction', I have tried to make mine more proper stories and would love some constructive critism on any of them, thank you :)
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