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Hello my People Peasants! I have Big news!
"Love you too!"
"Vas Happ'in?!?!"
"WILL YOU GUYS SHUT UP!! IM TRYING TO SAY THE NEWS TO MY FANS!! Gosh," *coughs, Drama coughs, Queens, coughs* " I heard that!"

YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO! ANYWAYS, My name is Skyler and those are my annoying Friends. Please excuse Lou,Liam,Harry,Niall,and Zayn.The are very childesh at times.
"What did you say?"
"Nothing, Zayn."
"But you just sa-,"
"JUST GO!!!"
Sorry again. I swear, those boys. Again though. Like I said, My name is Skyler and we will be playing a game I like to call...
Quickfire! Ready..Steady..Sausage!!!

Color: Neon Purple*Aqua Blue*Lime Green*Yellow*
Band/Singers: One Direction*Neon Trees*Maroon 5*Taylor Swift*Cher Llyod*P!nk*Coldplay*3OH!3*
Love: Phone*Singing*Music*Drawing*Painting*Writing*Boo-Bear*Hazza*Nialler*Daddy D* Dj Malik*Texting*Wattpad*
Hate: Directionators*Bugs*Bullies*Snobby People*
Song:*Paradise-Coldplay*LWWY-One Direction*Gangnam Style*We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift*
Movie:*All the Toy Stories*Lion King*Finding Nemo*All the Screams (What? I might Like child movies but it doesn't mean i dont like a Scary Movie ;)*
Animal: Tigers*Pandas*Monkeys* Dinosaurs*
Hobbie: Fan girl over One Direction ;)*
Sport: Soccer*Volleyball*
Dream Place to Live: London*

**ALSO: If you have any auditions for a story, please tell me! I would LOVE to help if you need it. Also all the sotries I made here stays here got it? Oh and by the way, I will start calling you my Beautiful Peasants. Got that? GOOD!

**Also Fan me on Wattpad @SkytheDirectioner712 TANKS!! ;)

Well that was Quickfire."IF YOU LIKE IT DONT COME BACK!!" ANYWAYS Tanks for playing the game! Lots of Love from SkylerXxxXx ;) ;)

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