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I am a girl who is in love with #PercyJackson #Divergent #Food #Writing #Reading #Drawing #Painting and anything else... Don't really have a lot of friends except my computer...
So... Yeah!
Peace out Homie G's!!1

(Oh wow I'm looking back at this as a high schooler and lol so cringe worthy)

Also, the m or f gender thing may change on a semi regular basis.

  • Scarlet_Moon
    9 months agoReply
    So after being gone for so long, I've decided to put this account to rest. I might make a different one, but I just wanted to alert anyone who may have stayed around hoping for my return.
  • Scarlet_Moon
    Maya Perez
    Goodnight Kiss
    Anything is fine... Maybe smoke
    If you're gonna put a person on the cover, can she please have black lipstick? Maybe black eyes as well...
    'Sometimes all you need is a kiss goodnight.' or 'Fall asleep forever with my goodnight kisses.'
    Thank you!
    Cover Store --Closed--
    Cover Store --Clos...
    Request a cover today! I will do anything that you would like :)
    2 years ago
    I will begin working now :) <3
    2 years ago
    It is updated!
    2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Scarlet_Moon
    OMG!!!!! Please update!!!!
    Camp Half-Blood
    Camp Half-Blood
    Percy Jackson has returned from Olympus after giving Zeus back his Lightning Bolt. But that doesn't mean anything in Camp Half Blood, and it's back to training. But when a new arrival comes in, he is intrigued...
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