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hi I'm Skylar Frost Jack Frost is my dad and Elsa's my mom

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    Congratulations to the people who one
    Mr. and Mrs. Frost
    Mr. and Mrs. Frost
    In the story Jack Frost And Elsa from frozen are MARRIED! (IKR!) They are also secret agents that take down people who try to do stuff... bad stuff they also use there powers but what happens when Elsa's...
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    Thank you for being a good sport. :)
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    I love it plzzzzz update
    We meet at an army dance
    We meet at an army...
    Crystal and Elsa meet at army day when you go and see your parent or parents that work in the army. ever since they have been best friends. son after they meet Nia who was working at Starbucks. Who soon...
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    I love it plz update
    Melted [ disney's Frozen fanfic]
    Melted [ disney's...
    Anna has a power, just like her sister. Just the opposite. Anna can burn while Elsa can freeze. After being shut out all her life Anna finally learns how too use her powers. After her heroic journey too...
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