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    Co-Author Team

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    This isn't just a call for a co-author, it's a call for partner. Someone who is willing to put their heart into writing a book. I need someone who will grow with me in writing and encourage me as I will encourage them. And it can be more than one person, it can be a team.
    2 years ago
    Also, guys this isn't fun and games. I have goals to write a real book, something that'll get published and read. And I'm funner than I sound...
    1 years ago
    Oh, you sound like a nice person... I've started a lot of books but never really finished them and I think it's because I haven't had anyone to talk to about the whole writing thing. However, in the moment I'm writing on something that i plan on completing. English is not my first language though but I would like to learn more (part of the reason why I write and read in english, hoho). If you're up for something, I'm on:-p
    Don't know if that was too long of a story/description thingy....
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    mumbled "New Story!"

    2 years agoReply

    Just posted a new story called "The Golden Rule"!
    The goal is to have the first chapter posted by Monday or before then, so try to check it out if you can. Tahnks #Tots #SomeWiseAdive #PurpleMoxy #TGR #PF #NotPhineasFerb
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    mumbled "Some Wise Advice From A 13 Year Old"

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    You Should Tots Read My Book "Paradise Falls"!
    Kay Thanks :) #TotsIsMyNewThing #SomeWiseAdvice
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    mumbled "Great Movie!"

    2 years agoReply
    Just saw Insurgent! Ah, I just love seeing some of my most favorite books becoming famous enough to actually make it to the big screen, also in my opinion they did a marvelous job and the cast is perfect!!
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