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  • yas_queen
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    I dare Neville to sing Hips Don't Lie while doing a hand stand and hula hooping.
    Lets play TRUTH OR DARE!
    Lets play TRUTH...
    Characters from Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Doctor Who and more are sitting in This Basement when the doors open...... AND THEY ARE NOW PLAYING TRUTH OR DARE! Put The Truths or dares in the comments...
  • yas_queen
    4 years agoReply
    Raechael. Ravenclaw. Dirty. Neville. PLEASE????
    Seven Minutes In Heaven (Hogwarts Style)
    Seven Minutes In...
    So in this movella you would play seven minutes in heaven with your favorite Harry Potter guys. All you have to do is leave a request saying who you want it to be with and if you want it sweet, dirty,...
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