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I am a Community Manager at Movellas.

When it comes to me, I love writing, reading good stories, and sharing what's interesting in my world. I'm a poetry-lover at heart and may be the only one still bummed that the age of Romanticism is over in English Lit :-(

I have a B.A. in English Literature and Political Science and recently got my MA in Linguistics. My interests include language and communication, especially the dynamics and semantics involved in everyday conversation.

If you need to contact me, my email is

  • Skye S

    mumbled "Competition Page Update!"

    1 months agoReply

    There have been many, many competitions on Movellas, many more winners still, and a whole lot of activity surrounding these kinds of events within our writing community.

    Some of you may have noticed that the competitions page ( shows competitions that are currently running and then one the second page it goes to much older competitions...

    As CM, I've been trying to organize things so that all of our past winners can see who won which competition, when the competitions ended, and where the respective winners blogs and entries can be found.

    After some tinkering, lots of clicking, and a massive amount of updating I wanted to let you all know that contest page has been updated for good! On page 1 are all of our most recent competitions and from there (on page 2) you'll find it organized by date, with the last competition, complete with winners and link to the winners announcement on the blog.

    As this is how competitions should work, we hope that these updates make navigating our past & present the writing competitions easier and more fun. For those of you wondering about specific competitions, you can always search blogs & competitions now using the search bar above, the results can be filtered to just show competitions too :)

    We hope you all keep entering the competitions on Movellas and join in on one or more of this year's exciting lineup of writing competitions to come. After all, what quicker way to improve your writing skills AND win prizes at the same time?
    1 months ago
    Oh Movellas is going through so many positive changes! Very happy about this!
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