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    mumbled "Plan 1 "

    This is the rough plan for the rest of my story. I wrote chapter 1 before the prologue, so it's a bit out of sequence.
    Prologue - extract from an ancient text
    History of the necromancer armour
    Chapter 1 – 1957
    Dark suit finds the armour and gets possessed.
    Chapter 2
    First rampage and pursuit by the white mage
    Chapter 3
    into hiding after pursuit by the “Ancient white mage”
    Chapter 4
    Dark suit is released from the armour to find his flesh below the neck has been stripped to the bone
    Chapter 5
    White mage confronts dark suit who makes a suit of armour from necromancer's shadow, they fight and white mage is beaten (but not killed)
    Chapter 6
    White mage vows revenge, dark suit goes into hiding never to reappear until another time.
    Epilogue – 2014
    Dark suit re-emerges.
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