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Even though I have constant writers block and can never get a story finished, I love to write.

I read any book, no matter what genre it is but I'm pretty weird about the names of characters. I don't like names that seem to desperate to be different. Nothing wrong with a simple name like 'Harry' ay? But we don't need books with a main character called 'Empalousamagoose-a but you can call me Empie for short' you know? Anyway, I'm weird I know.

  • SJ Irwin
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    One of the things I like about the competitions is the fact that tweeting about it with a movellas hashtag will win you a prize. That may sound sarcastic but it's true. It's all about spreading the word. I came upon this website by pure chance way back when. That's why I always wonder about the young people out there who love writing to the point where they can think about little else and don't know about this site or sites like it. It seems a waste. It would be really cool if movella's had like a 'Movellas Day' or something where every member tries and encourages their like-minded friends to join. Spread the word about Movellas I say! :) Most likely no one will pay this any mind and it will be buried in an amassment of gloss and comments and be but a footnote on the writing here but it was just a thought that came upon me so suddenly I felt the need to share. Oh god I do go on!
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    This is really good! Your imagery is well thought out. I especially liked the line 'stars choking behind clouds' and 'asends further up your porcelian case', they are superb lines and well thought out (sort of Nabokov-esque in those lines) Good job!
    The Poisoned Kiss
    The Poisoned Kiss
    "For from my embrace on this Earth you shall never wake".
    White Ravens
    2 years ago
    Thank you!! :D
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    I wonder if Scotland had voted for independence would they have been able to enter this competition. Probably not.
    Le Fox
    3 years ago
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    I'm so glad we chose no ... Oh, yes. I would have died otherwise.
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