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    Remove it. Seriously, how dumb are you to think that you can just rip stuff and not have it noticed? This is really stupid, malicious and down right rude to the original author, who is a really stunning writer and you don't deserve credit for her work. She doesn't deserve to have you copying her stuff, so remove it and create your own damn ideas yeah? You're pathetic and you're a theif. Enough said I think. Remove the story and don't you dare try anything like this in the future.
    One Direction - Oblivious.
    One Direction -...
    When her brother auditioned for the X Factor 2 years ago, she never imagined how much it would change her life. She met four boys who turned her life upside down. She gained two new brothers in the form...
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    I love you, I really do. Thank you so much love! xx
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