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  • Sixth Legion Victrix

    Sherlock Holmes does not love Irene Adler!

    (prepare for semi-rant)

    So, today, my friend and I showed Saxon exact quotes that stated that canon Holmes felt no love for Adler. No love in general, for women! Yet Saxon still insists that they're secretly boyfriend/girlfriend! Or that she's his mistress!!! It's so infuriating! He gave both of us these papers about her bio, (printed right off Baker Street Wiki) and it still didn't prove his point, but reinforced ours! And anyone can edit a wiki! I have, a few times, to correct some spelling/grammar errors! And if someone checks the last line of one section of the Irene Adler page......

    After classes were over, I went over to my friend's locker to rant. I was quite angrier at the time, and I think I freaked out some of her locker neighbors......! You can ship anything and anyone, but you can't simply call it canon! Rant over! For now!
    Sixth Legion Victrix
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And we [Saxon, my friend, and I] were only debating canon since he doesn't watch Sherlock, and we don't watch Elementary, but Holmes in canon is still not one for romance!!!! We really think he makes assumptions based on Elementary....or the RDJ movie....

    He also thimks there are "hundreds" of Sherlock stories. "Hundreds"
    OMG! #R.I.P. Sherlock. There are like Four Novels and Five Short Stories Collection (Proud Owner of Both Volumes :) :) ) What is wrong with him? I heard that Moriarty is a female in Elementary.
    I don't know why, but I feel that if I come across that teacher, I'm not going to be nice to him.
    Seriously in the book, no ROMANTIC INCLINATION was found. John writes that he just calls her 'The Woman' and I think that it's kind of a tribute to the one woman who managed to fool him, not that he was in 'luvre' with her. This is sad. Also, it is said that SH, in Doyle's version, was a Misogynist, (one more reason he can't fall in love with a female).
    Honestly, what is wrong with him? *No Offence*
    Sixth Legion Victrix
    Yes, RIP Sherlock, in all senses of the term. I own the full collection in one book! (I also have separate boooks for the Memoirs, Return, Valley of Fear, and Hound of the Baskervilles! And yes, I read its Jamie Moriarty.

    I don't blame you for not being nice! For some reason, nearly everyone at my school loves him...he's one of the "awesome cool teachers" (<<<<------NOT.....TRUE) I reread Scandal in Boehimia today, ans found more hints of Johnlock as a Brotp then any Sheradler! And, offend him all you'd like! He doesn't deserve to be a Sherlockian!
    There are mysteries in the world and the ignorant only get dumber... I seriously feel for you... if I had a teacher like that, I would be kicked out of the class all the time because I would go against whatever he said... Keep up the faith! Don't let him get to you.
  • Sixth Legion Victrix

    Ode to Fandom: giant Multifandom poem!

    Can anyone (particularly those in the fandoms listed later) please give CC about this poem? (it's for my school newspaper) particularly on the parts about SPN, TWD, and LoTR! Thanks!

    Ode to FandomsPoem about all you can see and explore when you enter the worlds of so many different fandoms! (not really an ode. I think...) *CC, anyone? I was...
  • Sixth Legion Victrix

    Cosplay Advice?

    Does anyone know where I could get coats similiar to those worn by Nine, Ten, Eleven, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, or Martha Jones? One day I want to cosplay as one of those! Preferably one of the Doctors or Jack....I love their coats! The thing is, I don't have 300$ for a coat. So, is their any place I can get one cheaper that looks relatively similiar? Or even how to make one? (I made a TARDIS and Nine's screwdriver!) Have any of you cosplayed before?

    sidenote: still, anyone know Chinese?
     Ahlaam Nightshade
    Sixth Legion Victrix
    Exaclty! Why can't the clothes be less expensive!!!!
  • Sixth Legion Victrix

    If A Teacher Wants to Teach about Sherlock Holmes, he should at least get his facts right!

    (My post titles are sounding more like episodes of Psych now....!)

    So, my friend @[kris2hip122] is in Saxon's class, and they're doing a Sherlock Holmes canon unit and reading A Study In Scarlet!!! At first I was so jealous since as you know, I am a fanatic Sherlockian....until she told me what he does.

    First of all, he thinks SherAdler is canon!!!! It is not! Not at all! Never! In fact ,I always though Canon Holmes had a grudge against her for beating him, in a way. BBC Sherlock respected her intelligence. But they NEVER were a canon ship!! It's one thing to ship something, it's another to say it's canon!! ACD did NOT write romance stuff! (Except that one time in Charles Augustus Milverton when Holmes faked it.....!)

    Second, he spelled Moriarty, "Moriarity" on a test. [Insert picture of Ninth Doctor saying, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" here] Enough stated.

    Third, on one test, it asks, "which character never appears in any stories", and the answer was "John Watson's wife"!!!!! MARY MORSTAN IN SIGN OF FOUR, ANYONE????? She told me he claimed that Mary was only a character in BBC Sherlock.

    Luckily enough, my friend told him about the Mary Morstan and Moriarty thing, and he says he'll do something about it. (But, Rule One: the [Master]!) But we're still working on the SherAdler thing! Okay, rant over!
    I know. I don't know why people think that he said it. Mystery, once again.
    It was John. I thought the line was cute. Then his wife was like- "You should put that on a shirt." Super cute. :) I think it's the first show which has three episodes per season, makes me want it even more!
    Sixth Legion Victrix
    Exactly! I think that's why it ends with cliffies; if it didn't, fans might lose interest after two years.
    How I waited for two years to know how Sherlock survived the fall!! Which version do you think is the one that exactly happened?
    Sixth Legion Victrix
    Hehe, I omly had to wait like a month and a half! But then again, some of my friend sonly had to click "next episode"...! The one he told Anderson is the one I accepted as the right one.....but we're still uncertain! *shakes fist* MOFFAT!!
  • Sixth Legion Victrix

    A Wild Endeavour- A Legit Doctor Who spinoff!!!!! (i hope!)
    (Check out that link to learn more!)
    My fangirling-ness is in overloard right now!!!! A spinoff of DW that serves as a prequel is in the making!!!! It will show the Doctor's and the Master's childhood on Gallifrey!!! in the show, I was always captivated by Gallirfrey and the Time Lords, regardless of what the scene was talking about! I hope the theme song is This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home! (One of my fav songs from DW!)

    The thing is: we don't know "who is who". This is set before the Doctor and the !aster chose their either actor could be playing either character! The show is also going to have two actors from the 1996 movie!!! Daphne Askbrook....and thr guy wjo played Chang. (Can't remember his name right now....)

    Thisnhas the makings to be absolutely wonderful! I just have to say this better not be a cruel joke by the BBC....
     Ahlaam Nightshade
    OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW OMW . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sixth Legion Victrix
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