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Reading. Writing. Fandoms. Those are three of my favorite hobbies/obsessions!

(I'm presently not accepting any co-author requests. Just thought you should know)

Want to contact me?
-E-mail: sixthlegionvictrix@gmail.com
-Instagram: @sixth_legion_victrix

Some of my favorite quotes:
1) "Logic flew out the window a long time ago, and it's not coming back anytime soon!" - SLV (me) Words of WIsdom
2) "Great minds think alike, and paint grass green!" - more SLV Words of Wisdom
3) "Veni Vidi Vici," - Julius Caesar
4) "NAP: Necessary for Academic Progess!" - I WILL BE FREE
5) "You can't borrow my whiteout, it's out of batteries," - Overachiever
6) "You know your grape is messed up when it tastes like a Dorrito!" - even more SLV Words of Wisdom

My favorite fandoms/other books: Divergent, Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Torchwood, BBC Sherlock, Les Miserables, Harry Potter, Pendragon, Clique, the Giver, Inheritance/Eragon, Life As We Knew It/Moon crash/Last Survivors, Familiars, Kane Chronicles, Maximum Ride, Warriors, Clique, Secrets of the Immortal Nichols Flamel, Downton Abbey, Uglies, Sherlock Holmes (canon), Centenial (miniseries)

My favorite words, (and by favorite word, I mean I like to say them or I use them a lot. Does not always mean I like their definitions): subtext, solemn, trite, liaison, embargo, condemning, wielding, bigots, comptroller, lieutenant, epitome, conclave, vicar, mogul, proxy, viceroy, ideals/ideology, nutter, disregard, vigilance, incredulous, resolutely, valiant, scion, siege, skirmish, redundant, slightest, precedent, Australopithecus, visage, euphemism, eviscerate, aghast, (POINT!) pensively (POINT!)

    I miss us all being on here and having time as well as interesting things to write about. I can't believe I'm saying it but I kinda miss middle school..... We should write something this summer. You in?:)
  • Sixth Legion Victrix
    Great story!! Your writing has really improved since seventh grade! I still think you should continue the adventures of pancakes and satan though....
    The Boundless Man Redux
    The Boundless Man...
    Kevin. The blank face among many. Characterized by his bleached blonde hair, he's just about as average as a guy can get. Then a watch comes into his possession, and reality shifts into a new perspective.
  • Sixth Legion Victrix
    22 HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.....GRRRR......It's nice to know that others experience the same thing!
    Really Annoying Things 2
    Really Annoying...
    A never ending rant about everything annoying that anyone has ever done to anyone. Comment what you find annoying and you'll get a chapter about it with your name at the bottom.
  • Sixth Legion Victrix

    mumbled "Haven't been on here in ages..."

    ^^^SSIA. (Subject says it all). Well, quick overview, I graduated eighth grade (THANK GOD FINALLY NO MORE SAXON AND VARIOUS OTHER PV STAFF MEMBERS FROM THUS YEAR) , I finished psych, (wemt through a huge feels overload during the Breakup. And I like never cry over anything!) i'm about to finsih Sarah Jane Adventures, which is an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC AND BRULLIANT SHOW! (when watching Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith, see my previous comment about feels overload/crying) and plan to watch either Walking Dead or Classic Who after!

    In terms of stories, I have a Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood crossover planned, (three words: Davros, Trickster, 456) and I was thinking of doing a romance and maybe a murder mystery!

    Hope you all are having a good summer with not school and all! Allons-y!
  • Sixth Legion Victrix
    Oh my croft that was fantastic!!!! I loved it!!! Your writing style is very detailed, and.the plot is very intriguing!!

    Question: is Tala, me? I remember one of your stories kay have had me as a demon.....demons run when a good man goes to war!
    The Boundless Man
    The Boundless Man
    Kevin lives in a steampunk world. Zombies attack, riots happen, and just when he thinks all is lost, he finds a shard of glass...
    maybe I forgot who I based Tala off of... Maybe you but im not certain
    Sixth Legion Victrix
    That goes to show how long ago you wrote this!
    Ikr! I think its been almost a year!
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