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Hi! I've just moved to this site from ff.net, and I'll be posting all the stories I've written over the years on here, one chapter at a time.

I'll be updating regularly with lots of Tamora Pierce and Fairy Tales fanfiction over the next few months!

  • sivvus

    Hiya! Crossing over from FF.net

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    Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself (hi!) - I was wondering how many other people here found this place via communities on FF.net? I've been on there for years but I'm brand new to Movellas- it looks really interesting!
    4 years ago
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    I started out by writing on fanfiction.net when I was 12, though I no longer do :) Welcome!
    4 years ago
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    Welcome! Heyyyyyyyyy! Exciteable? Maybe that's just me, rather than movellas... Um... Fun! Yeah, it's definitely gun!
    Artemis J. Potter
    I found out about Movellas from a friend and that's how I joined it. But I'm also on fanfiction.net :)
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