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Hey guys! What's up? Nothing much? Same! I guess I should tell you a little bit about me and what I'm gonna do!

My name is PJ and yes, I am a girl! It stands for Princess Junior! Yay!! Unique names! I was in dance, gymnastics, and cheer leading since I was 2! I love swimming, listening to music, photography, and a lot of other things! My favorite color is blue, but I love a lot of colors! My favorite food would have to be Chinese. Or Italian! Oh gosh! I don't even know! As you can see I am really random and type what I feel! When I write I put emotion into it. I think.

Now to my writing. I have been writing for a while, but never actually posted anything. I posted one story, but then I forgot the password to my account and my email account so that is long gone! I write what I feel, as I said before, I try to make sure the reader feels what my character feels. I love when people read something I have written and they feel like they are apart of the story. If you want me to read anything let me know! I will read, help, anything you want! I also follow for a follow! Well that's enough about my writing for now.

Now it is time to get personal. If you are ever in need of anything let me know. I am here for anybody. I don't care what it is just let me know. I have been through a lot and if you need me I am here.

Here are the links to the other websites I post my stories on!

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