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    The builders were ready to knock us down, we wouldn’t let them, we had been here far too long and they weren’t going to just take it all away from us.
    They arrived on March 19 1992. They had their plans, their men their blueprints and their methods of destruction ready to spring out at any time, and we had ours.
    Eproht Park was abandoned before their arrival. In 1970 a mysterious hooded man entered the park only to later leave looking down on all the deceased, hacked bodies lay around in lakes of blood. This man was Richard Trenton Chase born 1950 as he was 20 years old at the time. He escaped but was later jailed for murder with life imprisonment. There was screaming, shouting, crying from everywhere. No-one knew what to do and eventually everyone perished. I do believe some people escaped as they were later on the news ranting about what had gone on but it was too late. Too late for me. My name is Isabella Langsbottom, I went to Eproht Park for my 14th birthday I had been many times already but this time I was with my two best friends; Jess and Lizzie. They stayed over at my house before we set off for the theme par. Only this time we wouldn’t return. Eproht Park is situated in the middle of no-where surrounded by farmland and trees. No-one would want to use an abandoned, broken, destroyed theme park. That is when they come. Years after the outbreak they began knocking us down. It didn’t take long for us to notice. One truck after anther they enter the steel, lifeless, black gates of the theme park. We kept quiet watching with our protruding eyes as each and every one entered. Building directors chatting, land investors moaning and groaning and Sir Phillip Macolby (a very, famous and rich man that everyone knew) the man who bought the land arrived in his 10 seated stretched limousine. He approached with his wife Irene, his two teenage twin girls; Mary and Rose (who were obviously spoilt) and his little 3 year old boy called Timmy to check out the building site and blueprints. On the first day, we knew we needed to get rid of them. So our famous Jimbo the clown now a ghost danced about and made as much noise as he could. No-one could see him but the two builders he was trying to scare definitely could hear him. Their faces went ghostly white as they looked at each other. The shook their heads at each other and started hammering at the old sweet shop on the corner of candy lane. Jimbo ran up to them and started to throw things like: pebbles, stones and rocks. The turned around only to see air and a couple of bricks being lobbed at them. Both scared and shaking they grabbed their hammers and cases and fled the scene.
    All the builders started smashing and striking at the old rusty rides but by night we had an amazing plan to get rid of them for good. The sky got dark and the moon shone bright in the sky. 24 hour builders still clacking away at the rubble left behind. But one light after another the theme park started to come to life. Laughing, shouting and screaming from the children that died many years back began to uproar and the roller coaster one at a time started to move. I jumped on the ride without hesitation. There were clowns, guys in suits and children the quest began to form at all the ride start points. The theme park had awoken after all this time. The builders looked shell shocked what were they seeing was it real or their imagination playing tricks on all of them. They began to run, run as fast as they could out of the park. I couldn’t understand what they would have been feeling; I was enjoying myself even though it was slightly mean. We wanted the people to go away and leave us in peace. The next day everyone came, ghost hunters, the theme park managers and their families were we know some sort of freak show attraction. Even the news cameras and their crews came along to get a piece of the action, and that is what they were going to get if they stayed.
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