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    It was finally the day . The day I was going to live my dream .I finally turned 18 .Ive been dreaming about this since I was 7 .I was finally going to move to London,England.I know it's a little far from home but it will be fine .I am just a regular California girl .Ive never been out of the state.The farthest I've ever gone was San Diego . It was for Sea World & I was 10.

    Anyways , my name is Aubrey . I was nervous going on my way to the airport . I was shaking and sweating .I finally got to the ticket lady to check in.I had one carry-on,my purse and a bag to go under the plane . It took me about 30 mins to get threw security and another 15 mins to find my gate.

    It was gate 14C . I was leaving from L.A.X and it was a straight flight to London.Which was about 10 hours,So I didn't want to sleep last night .I thought it would help me fall asleep on the plane . I finally boarded and we were off.

    *10 hours later*

    I finally made it.I didn't really know where I was going .On my way to baggage claim I was almost ran over by screaming girls .I saw them circling around about 5 guys.I couldn't really see their face but I kept hearing 5 names. Harry,Zayn,Niall,Louis, & Liam.
    The girls were screaming One Direction .I wondered what that was . Maybe it was some sort or T.V show that was famous here .Or they were movie stars .

    I didn't want to stay there and think about it much because more girls were running towards me . I turned one more time at them and saw the most gorgeous pair of green eyes looking at me.He had chocolate brown curly locks that I loved . He wasn't to muscular but just perfect . It was love at first sight.
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