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  • Simmsy
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    Love love love. This is so disturbing and gripping. More quickly please!!!;-) xxxcxxxxc
    The Butterfly Catchers
    The Butterfly Catc...
    The Butterfly Catchers is inspired by three brutal murders which took place in the Old Farmhouse on my street, in 1932. Those murders weren't solved - but in my story, they are... Joel Tremethick is...
  • Simmsy
    6 years agoReply
    Haha ha!!! This is really gr8 love it will follow. Get the next bit up soooonnnn!!!! Xxoxox
    Fifty Shades of Gery
    Fifty Shades of...
    An erotic satire of Fifty Shades of Grey. After a chance bad haircut that makes her look like a guy, Lucinda Ogynist is seduced by a beautiful older woman. But Gery Gay is into more than just Lucinda....
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