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    mumbled "why not only me but a lot of us choose to remain single "

    My purpose today lays not on harassing or publicly dominating people in relationships. These are all my personal views which may not be as real and as evident as yours. Of course you may be in a relationship and going out with someone for odd no of years and may have even settled on going out with the same one for the rest of your lives. But here is how I see things my way. What does relationship actually do for you? Happiness, fun, being part of one another but have anyone thought it the way round or maybe at times dealt with the fact that being single is not bad enough either or may be its more of a fun to be single. You can flirt with any no of people that you want, hang out with them, choose whom you want to go out with. (Please don’t take me the wrong way for I hardly do these things). For me being single is like being a wild animal. You can do whatever you want to without anyone nagging you to run home to receive their call. You don’t have to go out thinking what your opposite is going to respond to it. Maybe you and your friends want to drink like a fish someday and I have seen in many cases where girls actually call their boyfriends and say go home fast please and here like a cat who has just been spilled water all over him you eventually run home. Wow what a nice way to show your friendship. Man do people even realize that the blood of friendship comes before the art of loving someone. At times the opposite sex sets boundaries for you. Wear this wear that go here don’t go here. They do it faster than the orders that their parents set. You have no obligation to call someone till late night wasting your all time hard earned money (bhau ko paisa). And I don’t know nautankis on fb. “I love my hubbie cutie pie”. That sounds ballistic. Like. “My sweetie honey love you so much muah”. I can’t write that on a public site. The deep thoughts down my mind doesn’t let me write crazy things like that. Sounds crazy isn’t it can’t help them. I can’t have the same profile pics. Same cover photo hugging or kissing each other. I choose and set rules for myself. I want to go out there have a few drinks may be even lay down somewhere on the street dead drunk though hasn’t happened till now.( I trust my drinking skills) nor I do want to get scolded on the phone for not picking it at 3 am in the morning just because someone is missing me. I don’t know how to send cards chocolates and be that whatever the anyone wants I simply don’t care. It’s like I don’t know how to get them. I think 100 times before I buy them. I don’t txt someone to say did you have your meal or something like that when I know that she has already taken it sometimes even more than me. It’s up to you to really set your boundaries move one ahead with times or go love them whole heartedly may be you want some drama that’s fine but the point lies in not controlling others’ lives. Being part of someone doesn’t mean you have the right to set boundaries and limitations for them.
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    mumbled "the beginning set to impound"

    its been quite a while since i have started writing. its kind of a fun you know to actually write and pour down all the rentless emotions of you mind and soul into something. and when you actually write such thing you start to feel good about it after sometime
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