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Hello, my name is Maudlyn and I love to read and write.
I also really love going to art galleries and looking at pictures. I believe in letting something stand out about a character before drawing upon that to make them more interesting. For me, character is the most important part of any story. and the plot itself comes second. :)

  • Silver.R
    4 years agoReply
    I really enjoyed reading this. It's very empowering! :]
    Just Be Yourself
    Just Be Yourself
    This is for the "Movellas gets political" contest. Just be Yourself. That's what matters.
    4 years ago
    Thanks for reading, and glad you liked it.
  • Silver.R
    5 years agoReply
    This is so amazing. Your language flows and is extremely touching. Best of luck in the competition!
    A Day In The Life
    A Day In The Life
    Fifteen year old Ellie Marie Lloyds looks back on the past ten years of her life in a letter to her deceased mother. She details the events of every anniversary of her death, and tries to fill in her mother...
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