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  • Silver Envelop
    It's really good! I like the idea of the sorta ninja's (if you call them that?) but I would like to see a bit more descriptive. Try setting the Scene, what does it look like? What can I smell, where am I? Example :- "I ducked beneath the old swollen tree, the smell of the bark was horrible like when it starts raining on a dry dusty day." something like that....? Also try describing the charcters emotions. Haha but overall the story line is Exelent, keep up the good work!
    Following the River
    Following the Rive...
    Sometime in the future the world has changed drastically and the remaining human population is crammed together in protected areas living in fear of the monstrous creatures that live outside of the city....
    Tuesday M
    6 years ago
    Thanks :-) I was thinking about adding more description but I was at the caravan all weekend and didn't have an internet connection and the sorta ninjas thing is kind of it yeah. It's about to get alot more exiting and as you may have noticed in the tags its going to have vampires in it.
    Tuesday M
    6 years ago
    More description added. (And another chapter)
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