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    awesome!!!!! please update!!! :-D
    Elsa's Daughter.
    Elsa's Daughter.
    Elsa has a daughter called Beatrice. She has a special power which doesn't show for years. Beatrice tries to act like a normal child but her mother, Elsa Queen of Arendale, keeps on trying to make her...
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    really good!!! :-)
    Twilight: A Jacob And Renesmee Love Story
    Twilight: A Jacob...
    For the Twilight Competition, would mean so much if you liked and favourited it :D Bella and Edward are happily married and their little Renesmee is all grown up. The only thing Bella and Edward don't...
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    Thanks so much!
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    love it!!!!! I love when she is like: oh she likes ela-whore? sorry for her. :-)
    Let Your Heart Win (One Direction)
    Let Your Heart Win...
    Hey, I'm Teddy! I'm just a 20 year old from little old Doncaster. My best friend, Louis is pretty much my everything. Ever since I've moved to England a few years back, he's been my go to guy. Even...
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