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Ima whovian that loves 2 read and write... I have friends everywhere and anywhere I'm esey 2 get along with...... What much is there 2 know about me not much relly..... Whnt 2 know mor bout me that I didn't put in here just ask me enything....... I'll probibly change this later 2 cuze.... Yea...

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    NOTICE: we are sorry Lucy,Hayden, and Mist haven't been able to update Demonia they are on summer break and haven't been able to get on here as much as they wanted to they will try to update as soon as possible but if they cant sorry ~there father~
    3 girls with completely different pasts come together to realize a big secret. Something's very simalir in their family trees...A big question mark. This tells you about Lucillia Rose, Hayden Senni and...

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