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  • shopaholic12345
    Why would you steal someone else's work? Delete this, NOW! You have no right to steal something worked hard on. You are a low-life idiot. Did you really think you would get away with this?
    Have fun in hell my friend.. :)
    Dip Dyed
    Dip Dyed
    Everything is dip dyed isn't it? Sometimes most of it is happy, and some times most of it is sad. But it's never just one thing. Paige is a 15 year old girl that has gone through so much. Her life is dipped...
    For all you know she could be crying her eyes out well reading these comments. For all you know she could be cutting her wrists or puking her guts out. I know you are commenting saying to delete the story, that the real writer on wattpad is amazing but I really don't think you should be tell her to die in hell. Like really? You could have said it nicely.
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