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  • Shiyou
    3 years agoReply
    Hello Alois :D
    Here is Shiyou-chan from the Soulchess :D
    I am sorry writing this to you, but I have just found this fanfiction and... well first of all I am TOO OLD for this guy harry and secondly: I want you not to write this fanfiction. Please take another person and not me xD :D Thank you!
    Yours Shiyou-chan. :)
    Shiyou & Harry // Cosplay Fanfiction
    Shiyou & Harry //...
    There is a girl named Shiyou who lives in German. She travels to America for 2 week for cosplay. She and her best friend Ayla went to go meet up with Shanna (Shanna Malcolm:Subscribe!). But when they go...
    Alois Trancy
    3 years ago
    Hi! haven't been on long time *.* nice to see you though! :)
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