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Hi! I'm Shellnokitty:)! that's my screen name and i won't disclose my real name. (web smarts) i'm just an ordinary sixth grader at my local middle school. i have a flair for the dramatic, style, writing, and i luv anime and manga. i also like listening to and writing music. i am not very good at math though so you won't catch me writing anything that has to do with math. exept in that diary thingy that i'm going to update soon.

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    experimental movella

    OK so i just posted the first chapter of my newest movella, and nobody has read it yet. i would like feed back on if i should take it down or leave it up, because nobody has commented,liked, or Favorited my other and i'm not sure how i did on that one either. and it's getting on my nerves. i'm new to writing anyways so well yeah..
  • Shellnokitty:)

    Need a co-author fairly quick

    ok so i am trying to write two movellas at the same time and quite frankly its going too slow with just me. i need a co-author/s to help me write them. one is a spy one and the other is about poplarity and boarding school. in which i have no clue about. you can email me at lariveem12@aol.com or just reply below. thanks if you do!
    5 years ago
    ok thanks that sounds good
    5 years ago
    Hi I'd love to do the boarding school one with u:)
    5 years ago
    Fan me and I'll fan u
  • Shellnokitty:)
    Is the book over or you haven't updated in a while because I'm itching to know what happens because its such an awesome series! You are a great writer!
    Codename: Plagiarists
    Codename: Plagiari...
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    Ms Holly
    5 years ago
    Nope, it's not over. Glad you like it!
  • Shellnokitty:)
    I am totally hooked on both of your books they are amazing please update!
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    Daddy Won't See
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