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I love one direction my favorite song by them has to be Story of my life.
I absolutely LOVE FOOD! My favorite person in the name is Niall, he's cute and he's funny.
My friend kyla likes Harry .

  • ShelbyburrlovesHarry
    Hey um I didn't really like this book that I wrote but I'm writing a new one called Forever is a Long Time
    Life With Vampires( One Direction Fan Fiction)
    Life With Vampires...
    Hi my name is Darcy and I go to sunny brea middle school. I'm a loser and I get bullied a lot their until one day that all changed. I meet this boy named Niall that is a new student at my school and he...
  • ShelbyburrlovesHarry
    Omg this is such a good book so far you did a very great job
    Niall was walking to Nandos and decided to take a shortcut down an alleyway when he is attacked by a vampire! Then rescued by a beautiful vampire girl named Elizabeth. What will happen? (mature because...
  • ShelbyburrlovesHarry
    This is so good I love it
    School Of Vampires
    School Of Vampires
    In London there is a school for vampires. Yes weird a vampire school. But this school teaches vampires how to control their drinking and powers. Amelia Jane Smith is a 16 year old Vampire. Along with...
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