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I hide behind a keyboard and these are my stories.

  • Shelbster2000
    Very good! I lovd the plot! Read mine called "Home Is In Your Eyes" if u have the chance please!:)
    Letters To Niall Horan
    Letters To Niall...
    Dark curls underneath a green beanie, Voice as dark as the sea, Two beautiful green emerald eyes, That was the man, who had murdered me. My name Is Paige Walker, well now it's Madison Loyette. I...
    4 years ago
    of course <3 thank you!
  • Shelbster2000
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    I relate a lot to that. You have talent. Check out mine if you would like? Its called Leave. If you feel the way your poem expressed..then you could probably relate to "Leave"
    I'm Just Tired
    I'm Just Tired
    Wrote this when supposed to be studying. Tell me what yah think in the comments and is your life similar?
  • Shelbster2000
    This is SO good! You have talent! I can relate to this also!
    The fight
    The fight
    A poem about the struggle of a relationship. It speaks of how things change when the "honeymoon period" is over and things aren't so easy.
  • Shelbster2000
    Thats a VERY good poem and i feel for u
    looking fearless to hide the fact I'm fearful.
    looking fearless...
    my mother died from alcoholism and my dad's fading away too so here's me letting my feelings out in the best way I do.
  • Shelbster2000
    Update! This is really good! I like the whole plot! If you like Harry fanfics do u mind reading mine? Its called "Home Is In Your Eyes"
    Save you tonight
    Save you tonight
    Rayna is just a normal girl who is 19 but her father is dead and her mom is very abusive. one day Rayna and her mom get in a fight and she runs away she hides from her mom and is found by a boy named Niall...
    5 years ago
    thank you so much! I will definitely read yours
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