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HELLO! Please help make me popular on Movellas! It would be an honor for you to read my story(s)!

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    Please don't make this R! Make it Y so I can read it! Don't change the dirty stuff in the story! I want to read this story soo bad but in only 14 ��
    Criminal // Harry Styles (+16)*OH HOLD*
    Criminal // Harry...
    [Book 2] ❝Drive my heart into the night.You can drop the keys off in the morning.❞
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    Please update! I can't wait any longer! Please!
    It All Started With A Twitcam And A Tweet
    It All Started Wit...
    Mikki and her friends Bella, Kadi, Jozette and Chelsea made a group YouTube account where they uploaded remix's to famous music videos, one day they uploaded a video to Live While We're Young by One Direction,...
  • usualfangirl94
    Please please please update! This book is sooo good! I can't stop reading it! Please update! Please! Can you read my Movellas too? UPDATE!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! UPDATE!!!!
    Always and Never
    Always and Never
    Ariel Tanner believed that love was nothing but an illusion, a sick prank your brain pulls on you. But when she meets Harry Styles she begins to question everything she has put together about love. This...
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    Thank you for commenting on my movella! I'm so glad you like it!! I'd love to check out your account!
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    Update please! Please don't let Jade die!!! :( :( I'm crying at this!
    One Night Stand (16+) <<Complete>>
    One Night Stand...
    Jade, just a girl with a normal, quite boring, life. At least, that's till Harry comes into her life. What was supposed to be a 'One night stand' turned out to be something both of them didn't expect....
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