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    First: Menna
    Middle: Hannah
    Last: Johnson
    Goddess: Athena
    Appearance: Short, shoulder-length wavy brown hair, green eyes
    Dress sense: Black skinnies, combat boots, band tees or crop tops (with high waisted skinnies) and jumper. Not goth/emo.
    Age: 15
    Weapon: Dagger or bow and arrow
    Personality: Troublemaker, prankster, sassy, sarcastic, always laughing, but very shy before getting to know her.
    extra: Always gets into fights, very strong and has a crush on Grover and besties with Percy
    Camp Half-Blood (Your character version)
    Camp Half-Blood...
    This is a story that in which YOU have created the characters. To make one, follow these instructions: 1: Make a character and fill in these details about them (the ones filled in are my character): First...
    Name: lizzy Anne Parker
    God: Poseidon
    Appearance: green eyes, long black hair 5'5.
    Dress sense: jeans and converse with a shirt and sometime dresses or skirts
    Weapon: sword
    Personality: sassy, kind, getting to know other people and an out going person, loves nature.
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