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I am a self published author of the "Legends of Caldera" series of young adult adventure novels. I look forward to showing what I can do and getting lots of great, constructive criticism. And if you like what you've read then please check out my website at


  • Indiana Jones and the Eternal Crypt
    Indiana Jones and...
    by Shaunmc
  • Shaunmc

    mumbled "My first FanFic."

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    HI Guys.

    I'm new to Movellas and I just posted my first FanFic. It's a Doctor Who Indiana Jones crossover entitled "Indiana Jones and the Eternal Crypt." I know the Doctor isn't in the title, but he's still a main character. I just made Indiana Jones the main focus of the title because I thought it sounded better.

    Anyway, constructive criticism is always welcome and please stop by my profile page, if you like.

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