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sharks4eversHey @taffydixielove thanks for the fav of "Love...Finally!!!" Hope you enjoyed reading! Help to shoutout? Would appreciate it. Thanks!
4 years ago
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    mumbled "Thanks guys! But I need some help"

    Hey my fans! Thank you guys so much for baring with me. I am so busy and I apologize that you guys have to wait so long. So the next chapter is out and I hope you enjoy it. I kinda need some help though. I need some ideas on what to write and I need to have a trailer. So if you can please help by making a trailer, that would be amazingly great. Give me your names on twitter or instagram and I will give you a follow and/or shoutout. And also, keep asking your friends to be fans and read my story and give it a like. That would help. Thanks a million once again! I love you my baby SHARKS
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    Victoria and Harry.
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    One Direction Imagines its as simple as that, if you want me to write one for you just comment your name and which boy and i will get back to you
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    so good. update!!! PLEASE read mine. Love...Finally!!!
    Just Haven't Met You Yet (One Direction FanFiction)
    Just Haven't Met...
    Alyssa and her best friend Maddy live a pretty nomal life until one summer. They live in Vancouver, BC and one day they accidentally bump into 5 very handsome musicians. Is love in the air?
    6 years ago
    Love...Finally!!! is really good! Thanks so much for reading mine!
    4 years ago
    Awwww thanks love! Hope you enjoyed but you should read the new version of Love...Finally!!! @[MegD]
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