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Hey guys.
-Shannon's the name
-One Direction.
-16 years of age.
-High School
-Keep calm and write on.

  • ShannonThomas

    mumbled "Mid-terms."

    Hey guys. I know I haven't been able to write that much. My mid-terms are next week and I've been studying my butt off.After next week I'll be sure to write so much more.
  • ShannonThomas

    mumbled "Bloop"

    Yeah I know I'm still not finished with "Broken Glass" so why did I start writing anyone one? Well I got this really good idea and I didn't want to lose it to writers block, which I have right now errrrr. So yeah. c:
  • ShannonThomas

    mumbled "Broken Glass"

    So I'm not completely sure If I would be considered a "good writer" so yeah. You guys should read "Broken Glass" and tell me if you think I should keep writing it or If I should delete it. Thanks, loves. c:
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