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I'll be active this time. Let's Get it!!!!

*New Vibes*

by , Friday May 12, 2017
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New Vibes, New Songs

Sooo.... Depression kicks ass..

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  • Just.CallMeShay

    mumbled "Update On "The Runaway""

    For those who are reading my current book The Runaway, Thank you so much I appreciate it. It's been really hard writing about the guys being the victim because they're always looked at as the bad guy. For those who aren't reading, it would mean a lot if you did. There's only one chapter, I know but I am really determined to hit hard with the chapters I publish. Much Love <3 =)
  • Just.CallMeShay

    mumbled "Check It Out"

    Hey guys! How has everyone been ?? Me, I've been okay. Went to Colorado for a bit.. it wasn't exactly my idea of a 'fun trip' but, hey what can you do?? I've put up a new story, I would deeply appreciate it if you checked it out =)
  • Just.CallMeShay

    mumbled "HEY GUYYSSS"

    Hey everyone!! I've been so inactive .. I'm going to Colorado to visit my cousin so I've been packing and running millions of errands while studying for my test that I just took.. it's due on the10th, so rather early than last minute you know?? But I got soo many things in store for ya'll. Poems, Journal entries, and more chapters coming soon. So stay IN TUNE =).. LET'S DO TOPIC OF THE DAY UNTIL THEN.. COMMENT BELOW
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