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    mumbled "I Do Not Believe In Equal Rights"

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    The story of bloodshot eyes is a prequel to the story of shots, blood, and cries,
    5 shots of liquid confidence and you’re still confident you have a shot in this fight,
    Imbalanced chances because of unequal lives,
    Let me roll up my sleeve and take you on a journey through time,
    At 8 years old I stared into my father’s cold eyes through the glass door as he told me I didn’t love him because I wouldn’t let him inside, so he could continue yelling at my mother and she could grab another knife,
    At 10, I stood by the bed as they pulled the plug on my uncle Scott, and then I stood by his grave and left him there to rot,
    At 13, I disengaged my common sense and gave in to the rage just to knock two teenagers to the ground that were supposed to be my friends, I redefined the word bully, look it up in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of me,
    At 16, I was so isolated and depressed, my days felt regulated, my true emotions repressed, I cut class because I couldn’t find a reason to get up and get dressed, so I, went back to sleep,
    At 17, I met the girl of my dreams and each day since I’ve been waiting to wake up,
    If that’s not ironic then I don’t know what,
    Is and what isn’t, because nothing is for certain,
    Our lives as mortals are based on myths,
    I’m only 19, but fate has already called the curtain,
    But if I was able to rise above,
    With self realization and the power of love,
    Then you too can make it through,
    Find the light at the end of the tunnel that one was once out of view,
    But don’t rush to the end, enjoy the ride while it lasts,
    And don’t let the person you are today be dictated by your past,
    I do not believe in equal rights,
    Because, we are unequal,
    If you want to find out what I do believe,
    Then you’ll just have to wait for the sequel.
  • Sgomezsxe13

    mumbled "In Pain After All "

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    It’s hard to breath
    So ill catch my breath
    Before I catch up on rest
    Restless nights spent up in distress
    Time wasted, problems elevated,
    Until all my aggravation
    Led to a road less taken
    Give it all my patience
    Faith that tomorrow won’t be faceless,
    So I can look into the eyes
    Of the woes that haunt me,
    Ghosts don’t scare me,
    But familiar faces can be pretty daunting
    When they carry their title as if they’re taunting
    Creator, invigorator, inspire my fallout
    Call out the names of those who brought you here
    Never again,
    Our relationship, basis unrelated to legitimate enjoyment.
    The next time I don’t pick up the phone,
    Fall back on the misconception that I just needed some time alone,
    I truly hope nothing is there to break your fall,
    Maybe then you’ll learn to get up like I did,
    In pain after all…
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