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    This is good more please
    Just One Week-A Five Nights at Freddy's Fanfiction
    Just One Week-A...
    Riley is getting ready for his new job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. All he wants to do is get collage credits so he can get a good job. He thinks it will be normal, but little does he know. He works the...
  • Shadowblossom
    Yes I noticed I haven't updated and that I've written his name wrong do to me not paying notice as I had written late at night
    different to others (Laxus and Lucy) fairy tail
    different to other...
    Hey people this is my first fanfic I have uploaded so dont judge meh. this is a romance bwtween luxus and lucy. headmaster has a compation planed and there are five groups they'll be on an island...
  • Shadowblossom
    this is awesome!!!!
    Daughter of Slenderman
    Daughter of Slende...
    Sena Goldman; a popular, friendly, smart-ass, the natural girly-girl. Although, so say she’s NOT as normal as you THINK. Lately, she’s been ‘seeing’ things, but exactly what things? One day, she gets dragged...
  • Shadowblossom
    awesome story reader inserts can you make a tavros x troll reader plz
    Insert Reader Drabbles
    Insert Reader Drab...
    You don't understand the things I write! You can request any fanfictions for me to write. Although.... 1) has to be a one-shot 2) can be from ONLY any anime, Creepy Pasta, Homestuck, or Youtube 3)...
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