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Hiya! Follow for a follow? (You "fan" me and I'll "fan" you, in return. Fair?) Right, glad I got that sorted.
My name is usually **** so you know, but everyone tends to call me... SeekerDraconis23. It's a bit of a mouthful, so just call me 23. It's much easier.
As you can probably tell, I like Doctor Who and Harry Potter. But I also like: Twilight, the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, and thousands of other books.

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    mumbled "Photo Of The Day: A Neigh-Mare!"

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    Do you know these posters put up by RSPCA? The ones about not leaving your dog in a car, especially when it's hot?
    They should put something about not leaving horses in cars.
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    mumbled "For Those..."

    Today, I opened up an account, unsure of what to expect... does anyone know who I am? These sort of questions filled my mind.
    It turns out nobody knows who I am. :(.
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    mumbled "Hiya World!"

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    Hey, I guess you don't know who I am! I'm a massive fan of Harry Potter, Twilight, the Hunger Games, the Host and various other novels, especially the ones who show titanic emotion, making the reader feel: the Fault In Our Stars is an amazing example!
    But, what I'm interested in, is the hidden little gems, the ones that nobody knows about. Could your story be a gem?
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