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    mumbled "Vampire Harry Potter Fanfics"

    Looking for harry potter fanfiction with vampires in them. Preferrably Vladimir Todd or Cirque du freak crossovers, but they dont have to be. Im also looking for vampire ones with quirell in them. Can someone help me please? Thanks :)
  • SecretVampireOfHogwarts
    Please update soon, this is really good
    You'll Be The Death Of Me
    You'll Be The Deat...
    Loki is banished from Asgard, stripped of his powers and immortality. His harsh punishment is to be cut of from Asgard all together. He will live and die as a mortal. But what happens if Loki discovers...
  • SecretVampireOfHogwarts

    Good mythical creature stories?

    I'm looking for some good stories where the main character is a mythical creature, preferably being studied by the ministry, or being the topic of care of magical creatures class,at hogwarts. Some examples are vampires, or half-human beings, such as nekos or nagas. Thank you. Oh, and while I'm at it, I have a question. Why is quirell afraid of vampires?
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
    This is VERY late, but holy heck this is an AMAZING idea!!!!!!!
  • SecretVampireOfHogwarts
    I liked this story. It was very unique :)
    When two men are attacked in the dead of night by a figure of nightmares, one of them is bitten. He morphs and changes into a terror, a blood sucking monster. He is a Vampire.
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