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  • secretshiddenwithasmile

    mumbled "Don't say goodbye."

    Hush little baby don’t you cry, don’t cut your wrists or say goodbye, don’t let the blood run like tears to your wrists, don’t use your wrist as a canvas, don’t let the marks and scars be the picture don’t let the blood be the paint, don’t stay in this hell, escape this fate.
    Its tough but you’ll make it out alive just squint your eyes a little harder and look into the light I know its hard but you’ll survive this fight so hush little baby just close you eyes your half way there don’t give up the fight I know its hard I’ve been there too but eventually you’ll see it through.
    Hush little baby don’t say goodbye and just sing a sweet little lullaby.
    Hush little baby just look right here your hearts still beating so don’t just disappear I care too much to let the blood still flow you get upset and hurt just let me know, because I’m right here and I’m not leaving soon so rely on me for the war will be over soon.
    Your amazing just the way you are your not broken the scars just tell your story from a far so next time you feel lost don’t paint with your wrist, paint with the paper don’t let the blood be paint let the paint be paint don’t let it be red make the future have a different fate so hush little baby don’t you cry tomorrows here and you survived because you sang a little lullaby I’m right here, so don’t fade away, I know the struggle is hard and no one understands that judgemental spite that makes you squint your eyes with the fight but don’t you worry there not worth it no more, I’m right here so don’t you dare start bleeding on that floor cause hush little baby there almost gone the scars are faded and no more blood on the floor you fought the war and you already won all because you sang that sweet lullaby that told you, you did it.....you won.
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