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I am me. Simple. Like it or not, it's the truth. Oh and yes, hi

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    please read mine, Glass, link is below
    would really appreciate likes, faves and comments<3
    glassplease like and all<3 my competito entry its a bit wierd and all but still like it pleasee

    ill read yours too!! xx
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    love this! good luck on the competition!!! i think you should have ate fudge..... ;)
    I Am Fantabulous!!!!!!
    I Am Fantabulous!!...
    Thoughts from a crazy (that's me!) haha let's see if this works or if recent events have made me loose my touch...crossing fingers...or waffles...or pickles...
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    a little reindeer cookie! ahh christmas time soon!
    5 years ago
    Ugh. I thought you would want this waffle! *pulls out waffle* But if you say so...
    5 years ago
    Yes, I have waffles and fudge. Here ya go! *hands all waffles over with fudge*
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    I really like this, It's sooo much better than mine haha good luck, you'll do great!
    Games forge to words
    Games forge to wor...
    This is my entry for The Huffington post competition, feedback, favourites and likes would be really appreciated and I will gladly read anybody else's movella to return the favour. Thank you, I hope you...
    5 years ago
    Thank you x
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    I love it!
    Written in the Stereotypes (Huffington Post Contest Entry)
    Written in the Ste...
    Please read and like! Why is society branding teens as illiterate twits? Are we really? Would we rather play MW3 than read a beautifully written book? This is my entry for standing up. We are not illiterate,...
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