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  • Sean
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    I haven't read your story yet but your cover scared the shit out of me.
    Dropped on the head
    Dropped on the hea...
    Jeff was a young boy at the age of 10. He loved people. He was happy go lucky and cared a lot. Until he starts finding out the truth of his child hood. Jeff is furious and starts acting a little strange. He...
    Mine Turtle
    5 years ago
    Thats Jeff for ya
  • Sean
    5 years agoReply
    Loved the book. Fantastic characterisation. You have an amazing imagination.
    Requiem: Life on Verigo
    Requiem: Life on...
    Requiem is an epic trilogy, written in an autobiographical style, we get to see the world from the eyes of a street urchin called Rilley Faliin; better known as Daw'ka. In 'Life on Verigo' we learn...
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