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    I was hoping anyone could help me out as i know that everyone on here is a keen writer or poet and i am researching how people view and see poetry or creative writing, both in a negative and positive light.

    I was wondering if you guys could comment on why you think some people don't like poetry and what you may think the problem is? As well as what is your main form of inspiration for writing your poetry? and how do you think people could be persuaded to write poetry for the first time?

    Thank you.
    5 years ago
    I think people don't like poetry because they're to busy with other things. These things may include television, sports, or hanging out with friends. Also, they may think the type of poetry they do in school (such as haiku, diamonte, etc.) are the only types of poems out there so they get bored with it.

    And just like Zowie said, I am a very musical person. Of course it might not be David Bowie, but I do like music. And I write about my feelings. (Seems like great poets think alike!)

    I would persuade people to write poetry for the first time by telling them to write about something they enjoy/believe in. That way they can say what they want about that subject.

    5 years ago
    I think some people don't like poetry simply because they don't understand it or maybe rather don't take the time to read it and not just looking over it but actually reflect upon it. Also (I'm not sure about how it is in UK or the US but in Denmark) poetry just isn't cool maybe because of the way it's taught in school or because some people think soaking oneself into poetry is nerdy.
    I write poems about things I experiance in my life, people that matters something to me, feelings and thoughts that I have. I'm using my poetry as some sort of therapy og kind of a diary for things that really concerns me.
    I think presenting songtexts a poems and ask people to write "songs" would help persuating them that poetry is "cool". (sorry for my english- I'm not native to the languege)
    5 years ago
    Well, everyone has their reasons for liking or disliking poetry. It could be because (as Zowie said) they don't know how to read a poem, or find it truly boring (they exist), and sometimes (as Tohpi said) its the teachers. My current English teacher is a perfectly fine example of this: He managed to make most of the class loathe Poe, which is something pretty darn hard.

    Tohpi, you say you use poetry as a therapy, so do I, and so do many others. I write to ket the pain and the voices out (My psychiatrist said I might be schizophrenic). All poets have something to say to the world, and poetry is just the medium
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