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    mumbled "Remembrance Day"

    Hey everyone
    For most people today is a normal day, however it’s not. Today is a day to remember the dead, the ones who sacrifice everything to keep us in our safe and comfortable lives we live.
    So for anyone who doesn’t stand for the 2 minutes of silence or doesn’t wear a poppy or doesn’t remember it must be on the left side FOR SHAME!
    I have had several family members fight and a large percent of them died so for anyone who sees today as a pointless and insignificant day YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE IN A PEACFUL WORLD GO LIVE IN A THRID WORLD COUNTRY because clearly you have no respect.
    It nearly has been 100 years since the day it had begun. Now all those who lived this are gone; there are no witnesses to tell us what happened any more. And each year, less and less people come to remembrance ceremony; that's a shame. People don't care about it any more.
    We must all have a thought to all those heroes.
    4 years ago
    The world we live in is different to the world they lived in :'(
    Obviously. It changed these last 100 years faster than ever...
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