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  • Scampi
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    is villain spelt right but i llove how...random it is... its just like so randomly random i think u shud randomly start a random grup of completely random people randomly so people can just be random and write random stories about random people in random scenarios with other random people, ive said random to many times that i cant understand the meaning and its just rolling around my tounge randomly as i randomly puzzle about what random person would create such a random word that randomly suggests a random thing randomly i have now got a random headache from eating to many randoms randomly that i dont even know if i have spelt random randomly random random randon random random random RANDOM randomly RANDOMLY RIGHT

    what a random comment. i am going to go now and read more of your random book cause i havent finished it yet, random
    The Story That Must Be Read
    The Story That Mus...
    This is the story that must be read.
  • Scampi
    5 years agoReply
    bimmy, kai please write more you cannot say that wierd short stories has arose from the ashes like a phoenix on steroids and write one story seriously! keep writing gd luck in getting weirdness back in fashion
    Weird Short Stories 2
    Weird Short Storie...
    This is the continuation (Did I spell that right? I think I did...) Of 'Weird Short Stories'. It shall contain the same formula or carrots, goldfish, and Larry the mouse as normal. Please enjoy the ride. Please...
    5 years ago
    ps wot is w/ the nmd survivor wot dus it mean?
  • Scampi
    5 years agoReply
    hey kai larry says hi btw, wots been happnin in yr life? how is grama schl? write more and give me the goss on all yr secrets gd luck w/ the sax, keep in touch ;)
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