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I will make a better bio soon... I am just tired right now.

ANYWAAAAYS, I love One Directions and myths so together they are sndhkdbeahsdia9A FANTABULOUS xD

  • Savvy
    5 years agoReply
    It's really good! Keep it up(: xx
    I'm Not Her
    I'm Not Her
    Evelyn Jacy Calder has always wished she could have her sister's life. Why? cause her sister is Eleanor Calder. Shes a model and you might have heard of her as Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. Louis Tomlinson...
  • Savvy
    5 years agoReply
    Hi, I saw that this was a new story and I just wanted to let you know it looks interesting and I will keep reading it as long as you update it. Good luck!.xx
    Somebody that  I use to know (HOLD)
    Somebody that I...
    Harry and Alex were the it-couple in high school, but one mistake can change everything.Its now been two years since they've seen each other, they've gone their separate ways.Harry's in a famous boy-band...
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