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  • --Sarsastic_Phangirl--
    i'm thinking of writing a poem or short story. :)
    Say It Loud, Say It Proud
    Say It Loud, Say...
    Scream it through the page, scream it through the screen. Scream it in the words and the full stops, scream it until your laptop shatters with passion. You are you, and you should be proud.
  • --Sarsastic_Phangirl--
    hey, if its possible, pls could you make a cover for a fanfiction? It's a Harry Potter one.
    Name: A Year In The Life of Pheonix Haldon
    Ideas - long dark brown haired girl with black backround (perhaps with Hogwarts somewhere in the bottom corner.
    summary: A George Weasley love story :)

    so yeah. Perhaps when it opens again you could make it, it would be very helpful.)
    Sky's Covers [Closed]
    Sky's Covers [Clos...
    The ultimate cover store... *cue dramatic jazz music*
    Chrissy Sky
    2 years ago
    It's closed.
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