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  • Sarah Magnon
    Pla can u change how it's rated I read senior year and I really want to read the sequel
    College Year. *lrh*
    College Year. *lrh...
    Malia thought high school was bad. Wait till she steps foot in collage. "What the fuck dude watch where you're going." I said as I straighten out my shirt. "Well well well so this is...
    J a y.
    2 years ago
    Sure thing.����
  • Sarah Magnon
    This is such a good story I can't wait for the update
    Stay By My Side
    Stay By My Side
    "ARRGGHH!!!" I trip and and suddenly find myself falling. I shut my eyes tight and brace myself for the impact. Huh? When I look up, I find myself in the arms of a black-haired boy. "Hey, watch where...
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